The series of paintings titled SKYSCRAPER is part of the painter‘s (Vasilj Dragan) oeuvre and was created using the oil on canvas technique.Inspired by works of classical painting, the author created his color solutions of still lifes by composing carefully selected objects. The author discovers the law of „slowing down“ of everyday life and realizes the memory of events in which the symbolism of wine (in a glass or in a bottle), fruit, a book, a lamp or a curtain has a certain relationship and on which light falls the manner of Vermeer‘s settings. With the skillful use of the elements of perspective and complementary color contrast, it is possible to evoke the atmosphere of a cold morning, where violet crimson and Prussian blue tones dominate, harmoniously mixing or contrasting with a minimum of warm tones.

Author of the foreword Ehlimana Hrapović Omanovic